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Here are simple tricks to boost your search engine ranking:
1. Search Keywords Optimization
Placing strong keywords for your pages will boost your page on search engines. Just make sure that you are not using dead keywords. These keywords are primewords that may result to million of results.

2. Proper arrangement of sentences
Think how do people search on search engines. A researcher usually put complete phrases on their query box. Optimize your sentences to match these phrases. Paraphrase your sentences.

3. Placing alternate text and dimensions  on images
SEO browser cannot display images, they read these images through alternate text. You also have to define the dimension of the image.

4. Avoid using iframes.
If you cannot refrain from using iframes, just minimize. SEO browsers does not support iframes.

5. Meta Tags Optimizations
Optimize your meta tags for search engines. You can use the Online Meta Tag generator

6.Proper title for your site
Be specific yet informative. Search engines use this content to display on the search results.

7. Website Description
Be very descriptive. Some search engines use the content of this tag to describe your site on the results pages.

There are more ways to boost your search engine ranking, and NDesigns can help you to accomplish that. For a quote, please use the form below, Thank you!




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