The Sony PSP Go – the smallest PSP

  This will be the smallest and mightiest PSP® system yet. You can download rich, immersive digital gaming or the best movies and TV shows saved directly to the ample 16GB hard drive and browse the incredibly deep lineup of PSP gaming and movie content on the PlayStation® Network. Another cool feature is the use of the built-in Bluetooth support to connect a wireless headset and utilize Skype to talk with friends. But best of all, show off your content via the ultra-crisp 3.8 inch LCD screen on the most portable PSP system yet.   This will be the most portable PSP, thus the name Go. The release date for the PSP Go is in Fall of 2009.

Sony PSP: Buzz Brain Bender – DOWNLOAD

  DOWNLOAD TORRENT File Size: 529.07 MiB (554766889 Bytes) A NEW leader in the brain game genre is about to emerge – Buzz! Brain Bender for the PSP is set to take over the title of ‘class swot’ from Brain Training on the DS. While the Brain Training titles on the Nintendo handheld remain very good, it sometimes feels like sitting through a school lesson as you work on the DS exercises. Sony’s new rival comes across as being fundamentally more fun and rewarding. The game aims to improve your brain in four key areas: memory, observation, calculation and analysis. There are 16 mini games to test your ability in each of these four categories. For example, in the memory section there is Take Away – you must memorise playing cards to know which are missing when you see them for a second time. One of the observation games is Match Up – how quickly can you spot pairs among a group of objects? The calculation games include Blot Swot where you have to fill in the numbers missing from various maths problems. And in analysis you can try Power Struggle – you’re shown a tug-of-war between different vehicles and …